About us

Harlow Health Resource Centre is a joint initiative between Harlow Health Centres Trust and Rainbow Services 

Harlow Health Centres Trust owns and is responsible for seven health centres in Harlow. These health centres are unusual in that they provide not only GP services but where appropriate dentistry, midwifery, health visitors, pharmaceutical services and other specialist services.

Since 1994 the Trust has embarked on a programme of redeveloping existing buildings and providing new health facilities in Harlow.
The Trust now has a charitable mandate to expand its area of operations to include Essex and Hertfordshire.

Since 2001 the Trust has been able to make grants and donations to organisations and individuals with similar aims.

Rainbow Services is an award-winning charity based in Harlow whose mission is to work for change to alleviate the effects of disadvantage, deprivation and social exclusion. This is achieved through imaginative projects that support, enable and develop people and organisations, and which stimulate beneficial change in the local community.

Currently, Rainbow operates the following projects:

  • The Rainbow Centre which supports voluntary and community organisations within Harlow via a range of infrastructure support services and practical facilities.
  • The Rainbow Young Bus which visits areas of Harlow where there are no designated safe play areas, to provide a free drop-in service to children and young people living in Harlow.
  • The Re-use workshop offering placements for community service workers to undertake their allocated hours in an environment that is truly community based.
  • Quigy's Kitchen, a community cafe serving food made from locally sourced produce to create freshly made lunches serving the public from The Rainbow Centre at Wych Elm.